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Truck Dispatch CORE

1. Trucking Industry in the US

We explore the vast landscape of American trucking, covering its size, economic impact, regulatory bodies, technological advancements, and current challenges.

2. US States and Road Networks

We explore the geographic intricacies of the various US states, time zones, and the road networks that form the backbone of road logistics

3. Important Stakeholders in the Trucking Industry

We delve into the key stakeholders in the US Trucking Industry, examining their roles and how they interact with each other.

4. Freights and Permits

We delve into the various types of freight and the array of passes and permits required to ensure compliance in the transportation of goods.

5. Load Movement in Trucking

Understand the dynamics of load flow in trucking and the various stakeholders involved in the process.

6. Cash Flow

We examine Cash Flow within Trucking Load Movement, exploring the various instruments and payment options available.

7. Trucks, Trailers, and Equipment

We delve into the various types of trucks, trailers, and other equipment essential for efficient load movement.

8. Hours of Service (HOS)

We examine the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

9. Searching for Loads

We explore the insurance requirements for carriers as mandated by the FMCSA, ensuring compliance with legal standards and effective protection of their assets.

10. Dispatch Operations

We delve into dispatch operations. In this module, we will provide a brief overview of the various aspects of a dispatcher's roles and responsibilities, including examples of day-to-day activities.

11. Documents Involved in Dispatch Operations

We explore the range of documents involved in dispatch operations at various stages, including load booking, pickup/delivery, billing, and more.

12. Rate Per Mile (RPM)

We explore the crucial role that miles play in dispatch operations and how they relate to carrier profitability.

13. Onboarding New Clients

We delve into the various steps involved in onboarding new clients in your dispatch business.

14. New MC Authority vs. Old MC Authority

We examine the operational differences in dispatching carriers with New MC Authority versus those with Established MC Authority.

15. Searching for Loads

We explore various sources for scouting loads tailored to the requirements of your clients, and much more.

16. Selecting and Finalizing Loads

We examine the various steps involved in booking a load, taking a deep dive into each one.

17. Post Delivery Invoicing

We guide you through the essential steps involved in the post-delivery invoicing process within the freight industry.

18. How to Work with DAT Loadboard

We get you started with the DAT loadboard and guide you through some of its impressive features and useful hacks.

19. Setting Up a Dispatch Business

Planning to start a dispatch business? We will get you started with the basics to set one up.

20. Be a Dispatch Rockstar - Case Studies (Realtime)

Selected case studies from our 8+ years of experience in the dispatch and trucking industry to help take your dispatch skills to the next level.